AIW Painting Challenge Month Three – Ben’s Israeli’s

Hello All

Welcome to the last part of the AIW painting challenge, you have already seen Winner’s and Adam’s month three of the painting challenge this week and now it’s my turn. This month I didn’t have much left to paint, just four Anti-Tank Jeeps and a Heavy Mortar platoon.

I was looking forward to painting the Jeeps as they were part of the reason I wanted to collect the army, they just look cool. I’m thinking about a Jeep army if we revisit AIW just to get more of them!

The Heavy Mortars were ok to paint, I never normally find artillery that interesting to paint and these were no different. I’m looking forward to trying out mortars with a staff team as thats an interesting option. I do need to be honest, these aren’t quite “finished” as I need to add a few maps to the staff teams base, but I have run out.

I decided to base the Sho’ts as it’s something I have always wanted to try and FOW tanks and I figured with the desert theme it was worth trying out. I’m happy with the result but now I’m struggling to find bases the right size for my Ishermans…

Now this army is done I’m planning on finishing a few other projects for my Late War British which I’m thinking of taking to Corrivalry 2016 and Early War Germans for a one dayer in December. After that I go head long into Team Yankee Soviet Mech Infantry once we get our hands on them.

Thanks for reading and until next time