AIW Painting Challenge Month One – Adam’s UAR

So it appears unlike winner and Ben almost all my stuff arrived.

You’ve hopefully seen the AA I did earlier, and winner gave me some great feedback – which I of course ignored until I compared my modulated T-55’s to the fully finished AA – I then realised he was right!

Annoyingly the dust wash I had applied to the AA had hidden most of the modulation and brown lines – I was able to go over the AA unit with the brown enamel to rectify half the problem, but with varnish applied I couldn’t fix the obscuration of the modulation!

So with the T-55’s I’ve gone without as much dust, mainly just mud on tracks and some dust there. The other big change to the AA was getting hold of some ‘DAK streaking grime,’ far more grey than the green ‘streaking grime’ – it works a lot better on the desert colour tanks, that and the rust really add to the overall look I think.

I also used decals on these guys, in retrospect some proper decal softner would have helped there as well.
All in all though I’m well chuffed with the 500 points I’ve done here, now onto next month and another 8 T-55’s.

2 thoughts on “AIW Painting Challenge Month One – Adam’s UAR

  1. I take it at 500pts for 8x T55s, the stats are not that exciting, but a nice looking model with an equally good paint job.

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