AIW AAR – Israeli Infantry Company vs UAR Tank – Hold The Line

Hello All and welcome to our first AIW AAR.

A picture from the first game.

As you know we have been collecting armies for a tale of four gamers challenge after
which we wanted to do three AARs with the armies.

This is the first game and sees my Israelis vs Adam’s UAR, well not quite. We did start a first game which was fighting withdrawal but Adam’s plane killed both of my Sho’ts in two turns and my Jeeps got MG’d shortly afterwards.

So we rolled for another mission and got Hold The Line. I decided against trying to Night Attack and tried to defend the village.

Israeli Infantry Company

  • HQ
  • Full Infantry (without transports) + Blindside
  • Full Infantry (without transports) + Blindside
  • Recce Jeeps
  • 4 AT Jeeps
  • 2 Sho’ts
  • 4 Heavy Mortars
UAR Tank Battalion

  • HQ T-55
  • 7 T-55 + Stabilzers
  • 7 T-55 + Stabilzers
  • 6 PT-76 + 4 BTR-50PK
  • 2 ZSU-57-2




Israeli Infantry Company

  • One Infantry Platoon
  • Heavy Mortars
  • Jeeps
UAR Tank Battalion
A shot of the board
The Israeli Deployment
The UAR right flank.
The UAR Middle
The UAR Left Flank
Spearhead move


The scouts push forward
The T-55’s move towards the infantry….
They all open up and a .50 cal hit takes out an infantry team.
The AT Jeep ambush drops
As does the Sho’T ambush.
The AT jeeps destroy both ZSU-57-2
The Sho’ts also take out two BTR-50PK


The UAR Air Force arrives.
The T-55’s move up and get ready to assault the Israeli infantry.
The Scout platoon kills a team in the building.
The mass T-55 fire kills another team
The Mig-17’s strafing run results in a burning jeep.
The T-55’s assault, a Blindside bails one on the way in…
The Israeli’s suffer light causalities but fail to counter attack.
Realizing they are out of position the the Sho’T’s redeploy.
In the Shootting phase the Sho’Ts and AT Jeeps only manage to bail two tanks
and then storm trooper move towards the objevtives.


The Mig 17 returns… sporadic they said!….
The Jeeps get caught between a rock and hard place as the T-55s advance.
They are Machine gunned to pieces.
The T-55s then charge into the infantry.
Again the infantry fails to counter attack.
The Sho’ts movc forward to aim at the T-55’s
The infantry unpin and reposition for a death or glory charge. In the shooting
phase the Sho’ts destroy a T-55 and the infantry’s Blindside bail another one.
But it’s all for nothing as the 12 defensive fire dice bounce the infantry.
5-2 to Adam.

The game could have been a little closer but my Infantry failed two counter attack rolls with a re-roll and that meant I got pushed back before I would do any damage. But I was up against it once I deployed the Sho’t on the wrong flank… I had the idea of killing about the support platoons and then trying to break on of the Tank Company’s, this was a fine idea except Adam’s scout platoon is massive and I would have needed to kill 7 or so in two turns of shooting to do that and really that was never going to happen.

I have already worked out how to re write the list replacing the Sho’ts with 4 Ishermans and the AT jeeps with M3 90mm DEFA. But with Team Yankee stuff to paint, and the Pacific around the corner I fear that’ll be a project for late 2016.

I hope you enjoyed the game.