Adam’s Painting 2015 in Review (yes this is a little late)

Adam here,

So 2015 is coming to a close and I thoughts I’d look back at my year to see what’s happened.


French EW fre

Ahh la belle project! This was the first project I really got my teeth into this year, getting it ready for the ETC – I enjoyed the painting, but I’m not entirely happy with my results now in retrospect, I think a couple of other techniques would have really helped – but I was in a rush to get game time! Loved playing with the army and will look forward to it returning to tabled in 2016.

German (redo)

So allowing my inner winner out I decided to redo most of my German armour this year – the combination of airbrush + OCD helped in this regard, and I’ve really enjoyed getting my Germans to look better than their previous incarnation. I love the camouflage and poor modulation – but also the weathering has been a really good learning experience. Gaming wise I love German armour now – not as sure on the infantry, but the panther has once again been my favourite tank, and with interesting lists for German armour I’m certain they’ll remain my go too LW army.


This was an enjoyable project, and really has me thinking about doing a DAK army sometime, I loved the colours and the weathering, my first playing with filters, panel lining etc. Gaming wise it’s a bit meh – but as I write this I’m excited about my first AIW tournament


Team Yankee Russians

This is very much a WIP, but with two units down progress is happening, loving the way I get to panel highlight + the weathering too, really looking forward to my air units in the next few weeks.

Well that’s been 2015 – it’s been full of painting and tournaments – it’s nice to have a little down time, but don’t fear 2016 will bring even more projects and games.