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So at the weekend I played in my first FOW tournament Ben’s Breakthrough Assault Tournament. I was quite nervous but I had a plan, having seen the number of infantry lists coming, I thought that I may be better off at
times choosing to use the British Night Attack option. I tried it out against Winner Dave and it seemed to work well. I will apologise in advance as I seem to have lost my
notes, also these are from my recollections, and may differ from what happened
– remember the famous Babylon 5 quote ‘truth is a three edged sword, my side,
your side and the truth’.

Game 1 vs Matt Finch – CV Volksgrenadier

First mission was breakthrough, I elected to attack. He placed his Platoon with
assault rifles ready to ,move to the objectives, his MG platoon on the edge of
his deployment area on my short side, and his HMG’s on the long side. He also
deployed commandos to harass me. I deployed my artillery, mortars, 1 set of
6pdrs and 1 para platoon with frost near the MG platoon. With my spearhead move
I advanced to within assault distance when coupled

with my turn 1 move. My
assault succeeded and I wiped off the platoon turn one. With the mortars and
6pdrs hitting the HMG’s, Frost went on a long march around. My reserves foiled
my opponents commandos and deployed near the objectives. Despite hertzers and
Sturmies appearing my paras managed to pincer the remaining infantry squad and
claim the objectives.

Game 2 vs Dave Payne – Herman Goering Division

My second game was against the eventual winner, again I had a really
enjoyable game against a nice opponent, though maybe I was an arse when things
really didn’t seem to want to go my way! It was again infantry on infantry,
this time against the HG dividsion, backed up by some tigers. Again I elected
to attack, and learnt a thing or two about artillery, and also that my spotters
need to eat more carrots. I genuinely thought’s I pulled off a win, but some
bad dice rolls led to an assaulting platoon being pinned and despite trying to
come up with some ne plan, I was outplayed in an enjoyable game.

Game 3 vs Robby – Grenadiers

My third game was against someone who it transpired lived about 5 minutes
away, he was playing a grenadier list, and had a whopping 10 platoons! The
terrain we played on was amazing, with a church dominating one quarter. I won
the role to attack and elected to defend that quarter – though him mentioning having
tanks with bunker buster did make me think twice about garrisoning it, and in
the end only an artillery spotter decided to hide in the

highest point. It was
a slow march by my Para’s across the table, whilst artillery rained down on my
opposition, I gradually got closer to the objectives, before a platoon of
StuG’s tried to take down my second para company, some bad dice rolls saw all
of the StuG’s bailed or destroyed and with that the mission was mine.

So all in all three enjoyable games, against three lists I’ve never played
before. It was odd being the attacker, as most of my opponents are mech or
tank, and so I’m usually defending. However I think the |British Paras are good on
the offense due to lots of smoke, an the dreaded artillery! I think if I was to
have any thing to chance for Ben (related to the tournament, I have plenty about
him in other regards) it was that we could have done with more time, as both my
2nd and 3rd games were rushed by the end (though my 1st game was the 1st to

The other nice thing is that this has really rekindled my tournament bug. At
my last 40K tournament, I was slightly disheartened as you played GK’s lots and
they were just too good for my poor elder. But this was far more fun, the
scenery made the games look epic (and thanks to everyone who brought scenery,
it all looked great) but there were no blazing argument I heard and there was
never any game which I saw which looked completely 1 sided, there always seemed
a fighting chance. And I also finished 4th equal – not too bad I think for my
first attempt.

Role on Brighton!

Thanks Adam.

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Article by: Mark Goddard