AAR – Mid War – Tankovy vs Panzer Company – Pincer

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Having mostly played LW for the last couple of years myself and Adam thought it would be nice to play some MW. I had just finished my Battlefront T-34’s for the Art of War and wanted to use them. Adam wanted to try out Panzer IV’s when they are one of the best tanks on the battlefield. 

I got to Adam’s and we rolled up Pincer both of us hadn’t played Pincer for a while so it was a nice change and Adam won the dice off to attack, which he wasn’t to happy with (he didn’t like the idea of 10 Ambushing T-34’s!).

Note:- We did not use the Winter terrain rules for this game, we just wanted the look of the winter terrain and not to slow down the game.

Panzer Company

  • HQ – 2 Panzer IV’s
  • 3 Panzer IV H and 1 Panzer III M
  • 3 Panzer IV H and 1 Panzer III M
  • 2 8 Rads
  • 3 Nebs
Tankovy – Fearless Conscripts

  • HQ T-34
  • 7 T-34/76 and 3 T-34/57
  • 7 T-34/76 and 3 T-34/57
  • 10 T-60 (today being played by the T-70s)
  • 4 BA-64
  • Limited I-153


The board
The German deployment
The T-60’s hold the forward objective trying to hide, one company of T-34’s
is in ambush while the other is in reserve with the BA-10’s.
The 8-Rads recon forward

Turn 1

The Germans advance
Needing 2’s to range in the Rockets make hard work of it!
But after all that effort all the Nebs do is bail one T-60
The Soviet air force turns up
The T-60’s go hunting for 8-Rads but miss
The rockets from the I-153 take out a Panzer IV.

Turn 2

The Germans move up to the T-60s.
And then surround them with the other platoon.
This time the rockets so a far amount of damage.
The Panzers start to rack up the kills on the T-60s.
And more damage from the front.
The T-60s hold.
Which only leads to one destroyed and one bailed… The Panzer IV in short
range saves 4 hits!
The Seagull returns but this time fails the firepower and only bails one.

Turn 3

The Panzers move up to face the new treat of the ambushing T-34s
The Nebs smoke half the T-34s
The unsmoked T-34’s start to take damage from the center Panzer platoon
The Left hand platoon keeps the pressure on the T-60s
Knocking out another 2
The T-34s back up from Panzers after looking 5 and wait for the reserves.
The Battalion commander joins the T-60’s so they can move they decide to
get frisky and charge the Panzer IV’s. 
The Seagull fails to stop the Panzers.

Turn 4

The Center Panzer platoon moves in on the T-60’s again now the T-34 have
run off.
The frisky T-60’s that tried to get flank shots pay for missing.
The T-60’s are reduced to one tank and route.
Both reserves turn up this turn, just in time!
The Battalion commander moves up to contest the objective.
The BA-64’s try to sneak around and head for the Nebs.
The Center T-34’s move up to protect the objective next turn.
The reserve T-34s surround the Panzers.
They take out two more Panzers from the platoon reducing them to one
tank. They pass their moral check.
Again the plane fails to spot the Panzer IV’s.

Turn 5

The last Panzer bogs trying to hide from the T-34s.
The 8-Rads use the road to chase the BA-64s
The BA’s disengage from the Rockets and hide from the 8-Rads.
The Panzers target the T-34′ taking out 2.
The T-34’s get aggressive and try to out flank the Panzers
While the other platoon charges over the hill
And the Battalion commander pops out but all the T-34’s miss.

Turn 6

Having got away with the T-34’s missing the Panzers turn to face with full
rate of fire!
The German Company Commander duals it out with the T-34 Battalion
The 8-Rads gets to the flank of the BA-64s but miss.
The Nebs smoke the Center T-34’s.
The T-34’s take a beating, but hold.
The Battalion commander gets bailed out 
The BA-64 move out
The return fire from the T-34’s bails a Panzer IV
The Final tank from the Left hand platoon is knock out, no 6-1 today!
Sorry for my thumb in the picture….

Turn 7

The 8-Rads keep chasing the BA-64’s Knocking one out.

The remaining focus on the flanking T-34’s knocking another one out and breaking the platoon.
The remaining T-34’s get stuck in using the burning wreaks of their
comrades as cover!
The BA-64’s risk bogging to hid from the 8-Rads

Turn 8

Again the 8-rads follow the BA-64’s (I think they need a restraining order!)
The Nebs miss the T-34’s thanks to the burning wreaks.
The Panzers trade shots with the T-34s.
Bailing one
But one bogs while storm troopering.
The T-34’s chase the 1IC and 2 IC killing the 2IC
The plane ranges in on the Panzers! But fails to hit either tank…

Turn 9

The Panzers rush towards the T-34’s but can’ see many this turn and only
bail one.
The 8-Rads manage to bail all the BA-64’s who fail their moral test…
…The 8-Rads pass their Storm Trooper roll…
…and take the objective, in my turn my plane doesn’t turn up so I’m unable
to shift them and call the game.
So 5-2 to Adam, but what a fun game.

The game was a bit closer than the score line suggests, there was a couple of turn were my T-34’s got behind Adam’s tanks and just missed them in the open… (bloody Hen and Chicks!). Adam also had a few bad rolls, the fact it took most of his tanks 4 turns to finally deal with the T-60’s says a lot! 

We were both surprised how hard the Panzer IV’s were, I think this highlights our inexperience with MW. Those guys are hard to shift with T-34’s, at long range the bog 76mm is saved on a 2+. I can see a re match in the future, hopefully with a mission where we both get to move around. 

Thanks for reading Ben

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  1. Great AAR. Lots of nice pictures and a hard fought game.

    One request though. It would be really helpful if you put who is writing the article and the points value played at the top of the AAR somewhere. I had to scroll to the bottom to know that Ben was playing and I will have to calculate the points to know what value you were playing at. Minor quibbles but they would help with the readability a bit.

    Great report. I'm looking forward to more in the future!

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