AAR – Czech Panzer’s vs French Recon – Cauldron

Hi all and welcome to another AAR.

I traveled up to Matt’s place for a few games, and we started off with an Early war game.

I broke out the French Escadron de Reconnaissance against Matt’s Czech Panzer’s from Barbarossa, for some Art of War practice.

We rolled up Cauldron and so Matt was the attacker. As you may know from listening to the podcast Cauldron is one of my least favourite missions. But it is a mission that is common at tournaments so it’s always good to get some practice in.

Matt’s Czech Panzer’s

  • HQ 2 38t B
  • 4 38t B
  • 4 38t B
  • 4 Panzer 2’s
  • 2 8-Rad’s
  • 4 Nebelwerfers
  • 1 Flak 88 with Extra Crew
Adam’s Escadron de Reconnaissance

  • HQ Hotchkiss Long Barrel
  • 5 Panhards
  • 4 Panhards
  • 3 ‘Recce’ Hotchkiss
  • 4 Hotchkiss ‘short’ and 1 ‘long’
  • 5 Renault AMR
  • 4 Mortars
  • 5 Laffly SP Anti-tank
  • 4 105mm Artillery


So having chosen sides, Matt placed the objectives at either side of the deployment area, I deployed the large Hotchkiss platoon on the objective near the hill, with the Hotchkiss hull down. The recce hotchkiss on the other objective, Panhards behind the hill and the Laffly’s in the ambush.
In response Matt Deployed his two platoon’s of 38t’s on either side, one hull down on a hill on my right, and the others behind buildings on my left. He also deployed his 88 in some woods dominating the center ground. 
After this I deployed the Laffly’s on my right with my HQ on the hill, and Matt split his  IC and 2IC on either 38t platoon. 
I then did my recce moves, with the panhards moving out to the left, and the recce hitchkiss movng behind the wood on my right. 

Turn 1

Due to the combination of Matt’s Veterancy, and long range, and my one man turret rule, all I could do was maneuver, and wait…
Matt however was more agressive, he open fired with the 38t’s on my right onto the recce hotchkiss, and even though they disengaged two got destroyed, but they passed their morale test. The 38t’s on my left opened up on the Panhards and destroyed one, bailing another, the Flak88 stayed GtG whilst then Matt failed both hi tank platoons stormtrooper roles.

Turn 2

With Matt Failing his stormtroopers I now had the chance to do some damage. The Hotchkiss advanced off the hill towards the 38t’s on the left, the long barreled one which remained stationary accounted for one, whilst the panhards also removed another. On my Right the laffly’s only had one in range, but unsurprisingly managed to remove it from play
Still no reserves, The 38t’s to my left opened fire on the panhards, but only bailed one before stormtroopering away the 38t’s on the right advanced and bailed a laffly as well. Meanwhile the flak opened up and eviscerated two hotchkiss!

Turn 3

As is typical I get reserves on my first role, and the panhards arrive behind the 38t’s on the hill, The panhards moved to oppose the two 38t’s on my left whilst the hotchkiss tried to move within range of the flak 88. The panhards managed to bail one of the 38t’s whilst the hotchkiss did nothing to the flak. The laffly’s and panhards on the other side though managed to remove the entire 38t platoon!
Matt failed to remount his tank, but got all three reserves on the table, with the nebs at his rear alongside the 8-rad’s and the panzer2’s advancing near my objective! The panzer2’s removed another panhard, but the flak 88 claimed another pair of hotchkiss too, thankfully the remaining one passed it’s morale test!
state of play top of the 4th

Turn 4

With my luck holding the AMR’s arrived from reserves, seeing some vulnerable Neb’s they went straight for them. The panhards and laffly’s now on my right were completely out of place so doubled to move towards the centre. The Pamnhards on my left one fired at the last 38t and removed it and the platoon whilst two turned their turrets around and did the sum total of nothing to some panzer 2’s. The IC and remaining Hotchkiss also opened fire but only scratched the paint. 
Matt moved the panzer 2’s onto the objective, but their fire on the panhards and hotchkiss was ineffective, as was the flak 88 which missed. The 8 rads and the IC had more luck bailing two of the AMR’s.

Turn 5

The hotchkiss and panhards moved to contest the objective but only bailed a panzer 2. The laffly’s also moved closer destroying a panzer 2. One of the AMR’s remounted and they moved towards the 88, killing it and the command. With that matt was left with 2 platoons, forcing a company morale check he then failed. 6-1 to the french

6-1 is an unfair result, with two Hotchkiss platoons on only one tank! I realised quickly that the Hotchkiss’s anti tank ability was next to 0 against Matt’s panzers whilst the Panhards and Laffly’s were my main AT units. I think in discussion afterwards Matt would have done better focusing on one objective rather than both – that and where he brought on his nebs was near suicidal!

All in all a great game!

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