A day out at Wessex Wargames Club!

My First Trip to the Wessex Wargames Society!

So with work happening more and more in Southampton, and me not being able to get many games of anything in at the moment I started looking for a club to visit when i’m free and not busy in my hectic life and i came across this one!

The Wessex Wargames Society

They have a good website that gives all the information needed about the club here.

and a old forum for chatting where people responded to my requests for information within hours here!

and a newer forum also accessible from the main website above. Both forums seem to interact nicely with my android phone too so i could browse and organize games on the go!

The building the club meets at with really good parking and disabled access. Inside it’s nice and airy and the club stocks a tuck shop for snacks and drinks over the day.

Within moments of showing up I was greeted warmly by many people i’d never met before and I met up with Phil (who happens to also share a surname with a certain someone in New Zealand) and Karl who had organised and laid on a D Day beach landing game for me.
Around the room there were lots of other games going on from many different systems but to be respectful to other people I’ve not really talked to and don’t know i’ve not put up photos of them but i can say i saw good painting and an awesome variety of wargames interests! But there are some pics of the D Day game below!
We played two games in one: A direct beach assault by the American 1st Infantry Division supported by Sherman DDs and a little artillery went up against a fortified German position supported by assault guns and  some infantry in reserve and further up the 12′ table, British Paras holding out against an attack by armored grenadiers!  
Karl setting up his defensive positions at the top of the beach. Phil provided all the scenery and models for this game which was awesome.
The first waves of Americans hit the beach at speed and I get very lucky with the position of the landing craft!
And smoke… it’s like I learnt or something as those PAK40 bunkers needed subduing!
The German pits and bunkers return fire…
And promptly pin every PBI soldier on the beach… 
Despite this the Americans pushed on on the right flank whilst the Germans bought on reserves and maneuvered. 
Forward went the Americans but they kept being pushed back by the HMGs and Stug Assault Guns even though I was past the bunkers.
Eventually the bunkers were knocked out and the beach objective was taken… but Karl’s clever placement of HMGs meant i couldn’t win and push off the beach inland… not entirely unlike D Day itself!
Meanwhile inland…
Panzers appear in the town and force an immediate ambush of the 6lb guns!
Suddenly what i thought was cunning deployment was exposed by a clever move from Karl!
Oh if only this happened less often when my AT assets are rolling to hit..
My daring counter assault didn’t go well either as this platoon was eventually beaten down as I risked a quick attack.
Somehow through bad luck from Karl i regain control of the situation in the town!
And the half track supported infantry lauch an attack on the buildings full of Paras… this one went my way!
Eventually Karl is forced to throw one last assault together as the 6lb guns have finished off the Panzers and are about to start on the half tracks!
Almost no one holds the objective at the end on the right… but the fearless AT guns recovered from their earlier blunder to force the Germans to break!

So that’s what i got up to when there… and it was lots of fun!
I shall be looking to go back in July and August when able and to try lots more of the games as I was told there are always games going on that can be joined to try them!
If you’re at a loss in the South on one of their club days, it’s well worth the visit!
Anyways, have gun war gaming everyone!
Jersey James 

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Article by: Mark Goddard