2015 Tournament Review

Hi All, Coxer here

So it’s now December, and with 2015 ending (apart from conflict and our two one day events there is little coming up) I thought I’d do a look back at 2015’s effect on the tournament scene.

Early war

I honestly think Early war has become the best period to game in. I think it being at the ETC helped raise its profile – and the quality of EW events here in the UK (looking at you Art of War) have also helped.
The nature of EW also helps, you get more nations, more unusual vehicles, crappy firepower, and few super units , I’ve yet to play a game that I’ve felt is completely one sided, and I think it’s the only period where mech lists are top tier.

There are negatives, pioneers have been procreating even since Barbarossa came out – with double carts becoming a common sight. Also there is a lot of grumbling about t34/KV – but personally not had problems with them.11828611_10207446094538730_6956045739283242683_n

I see EW continuing to prosper next year, I do feel that earlier EW books would benefit from a review of points (I still don’t see many hellfire and back lists) and a couple of units I think need tweaks to their points so they see the board too – otherwise though I’m looking forward to our next EW event and hopefully more next year

Mid war

Hello red haired middle child how are you? As always there has been no change with MW releases, but I hope with them coming digital there may be hope. I think it really says it all that when we had a 1 day event (admittedly eastern front only) there was only a small handful of lists being used – and only a small handful of different units too – MW needs points being looked at as certain units never see the table. ETC may have an effect, as lists can go for slightly different designs so may get a little more interesting lists appear. MW needs some love, I struggle to get excited by it, and Just find it hard to see massive changes in the meta any time soon (as has been the case the last few years)WP_20141011_12_52_09_Pro

Late War

So the auto attack arms race is on. I know I’ve said it before but either plan to auto attack (and deal with a 50% chance you won’t) or plan to auto defend – as LLW and open competitions are just becoming like this. It was really noticeable when playing an ELW tournament how this just didn’t feature – yet when doing LLW and open events most lists I faced were AA. In particular 7th armour, I think I’ve faced this list in every tournament (and auto attack Americans in at least two out of every 5 games at all open two day events.)IMG_2550

On the other hand there is still a lot of variety in lists. People are still running lots of different nations and army types, so there is still a great mix of armies to play against.

All in all its felt like a busy tournament season this year, very enjoyable but also the off gaming table stuff has been too notch (except the Saturday evening at Art of War too)

Would love to hear from you all how your years gaming has been!