Zvezda KV1s

Hello chaps, 

Winner Dave here, just finished my KV1s.  That’s another 10 tanks done, so I’ve only got the armoured cars (BA-10s), tankodesantniki and the plane then my army is finished.

These tanks were a joy to paint, unfortuantely I seemed to rush painting them so I’m not quite getting the results I want.  I think I’m close to painters burn out…oh dear

As they are big tanks I think they’d benefit from a camo paint scheme, but I wanted them to fit with the rest of the army.

This guy will by the Battalion commander

…a couple of days later…

Casting a critcal eye over them, I think I was a bit heavy handed with the light rust and applied the matt varnish too thickly, which is what has caused the white bits in the recesses, but its not really visible by eye.

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  1. Of course not, uber mega thinned down light rust from the Vallejo panzer aces line of paints. Slap it on, then before it drys use pure water to 'clean' it up a bit. So apply it heavy, then remove.

    1. It looks really good. Have you tried doing something similar with oil paints? They run into the cracks so well. It might speed it up a little. I've been experimenting with them a bit lately and have found they give nice results.

      Are these battlefront KV-1s?

    2. Well I use Ak interactive stuff for the black lines. TBH the fumes make me nauseated after a while…I'm always looking to experiment with new techniques and oil paints as inks/washes is definitely something I want to try out.

      And no they're Zvezda – great models and cheap as chips. (well cheaper probably)

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Article by: Mark Goddard