WWPD Italian Campaign – 26th Panzer Division

Hi and welcome to my attempt at an axis list for the new Italy compilations.

What are my thoughts building a list this time?

1) I like German armour lists which are mobile and can attack yet not be too
vulnerable to infantry AT

2) I like combined arms (so recon, smoke, arty)

3) I want uniquely Italy book units

4) I want some high end AT too!

My initial thoughts were ‘which do I go for HG Panzers or Elefants’ both being
pretty unique lists. But as I flicked through the book I hit upon the ‘normal’
Panzer company, and was honestly a little underwhelmed – it looked a bit
similar to the ones from Atlantik Wall – then I turned the page to the
Flammpanzer – which could combat attach – and I felt a fire rise in me..

So I assembled this list pretty much back to front, by that I started with
support then went to the core.
So first up Nebs for smoke. (Always like three!)
then some anti air – my pair of flakpanzer 38t’s might come out of the box
here. Recon – well 8 rads always serve me well. Wow 3 platoons already! 

Next I wanted flammpanzers, only a couple as they’ll be ineffective in some
situations. As you have to equally combat attach I also wanted to avoid
panthers for my core platoons, so high end AT would have to come elsewhere.

So I hit my local shop, grabbed 2 flammpanzers – so that was all that would be
in my list! Then 2 platoons of panzer 4’s again points available dictated a
platoon size of 4. This left me with needing some high end AT – elephants are
Ben’s baby so I’ve left them, but I can have some panzer 4/70’s so I’ll take 3.

And there you have it an Italy tank force. It might not be competitive and it
is very conservative treading my tried and tested panzer lists but with a new
flaming twist ! in an Italy theme I think it has legs and look forward to
rolling over my burning opponents!

So final list:-

2 HQ Panzer IV

4 Panzer IV

4 Panzer IV

3 Panzer IV/70

2 Flammpanzer

2 Flakpanzer 38t

2 8 rads

3 Nebs

Thanks for looking


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  1. I think it looks like a pretty solid list. Is it 1780, 1750 or 1650 points? I think those flames tanks will be a lot of fun against dug in infantry blobs.

  2. It's 1750, played it now about three times (realised I missed the mighty bergpanther from the list!) the flammpanzers are great but have to move cautiously. Would highly recommend the list

    1. So far always combat attached. If I find the points in a later list iteration for a third I'll possibly try running them as a unit, but two it too weak

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Article by: Mark Goddard