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Hello All,

Ben here looking for help! Some of you may have seen the poll I posted up yesterday (it should be to the right of this post). Basically I’m going to 2 Mid War Tournaments in the Summer (The Welsh Open and Devizes Attack!) and I need to collect a new Army for these events as I currently own no Mid War armies (or models really!). So after a little reading, planning and the like I have come up with 2 different armies I’d like to do. The problem is I can’t do them both at the moment because of time and cost but I like them both!  So heres the deal, I will choice which ever army you all vote for! And I promise I will! So what are the two different armies? Well I’ll do a run through of that I have planned:-

Finnish Jalkaväki Company from Eastern Front

First up the Fins, why the Fins? Well it’s simple they are my favourite Nation in WW2 bar none! From the Dave Vs Goliath struggle of the Winter War to then the stopping the Soviets again in 1944 the Fins earn a reputation as resilient defenders (even Joseph Stalin admitted they were good soldiers!), this from a countries who’s population was smaller than the Soviet Army! A countries who’s main line battle tank was a tank the Soviets thought was obsolete before the war even started and the Fins were using it in 1944! (got to love T-26’s!)

Anyway my goal with a Finnish Army would be a modeling project first and foremost. I want to make artillery blasted forest style bases, have camo netting on the anti tank guns as well as log defenses in front of the guns. I want to really push my modeling skills to the limit, spend my time on them and make them look as good as I can.

The list looks something like this

  Fearless    Veteran            Jalkaväkikompania
                   Welsh Open 2013
         Finnish Mid-War
               Infantry Company
Platoon Qty Unit Points
Jalkaväkikompania HQ  p.109
Cmd SMG team
Close-defence Rifle team
Combat Platoons
Jalkaväki Platoon  p.109
Cmd Close-defence SMG team
Rifle/MG team
Jalkaväki Platoon  p.109
Cmd Close-defence SMG team
Rifle/MG team
Weapons Platoons
Jääkäri Platoon  p.110
Warrior Command team Captain Lauri Törni
Rifle team
Mortar Platoon  p.110
Cmd SMG team
Observer Rifle team
Tampella M/35 81mm mortar
Divisional Support
KV-1 Panssari Platoon  p.106
2 KV-1e 425
Anti-tank Platoon  p.112
Cmd SMG team
75 PstK/40 (7.5cm PaK40) gun
Company Points: 1545
             www.EasyArmy.com                                Source document: Eastern Front
What I’d like my bases to look like.

Now the problem with this army is I have played a lot of Infantry in the past few months and with the planned Bastogne and Market Garden Hell’s Highway campaigns I have coming up thats not going to change any time soon. Also this is another Fearless Veteran army, just like my Winter Paras and Market Garden Paras.

So in Summary
  • Would be a great modeling project
  • My favourite army in WW2
  • As a minor Axis army you don’t see them very often.
  • Easy to turn into a EW and or LW army getting three periods from one army.
  • I really want to push my FOW modeling skills and now I have a few armies I can play with I don’t mid a slow build army.
  • Another Fearless Veteran infantry army
  • Wouldn’t be quick to get ready
So thats the Fins, heres the Soviets
Mixed Tankovy Batalon from Eastern Front

So mixed Soviet tanks, the first thing you may notice is this army is the complete opposite of the Fins above. This is a tank horde! This interests me as I haven’t played much with tanks in Version 3 and I have never played with a tank horde. I have also never used a Conscript army so that could be very interesting!

The Colour scheme I’m looking at from Wargamer on Tour Blog

I would also have a completely different ethos that the Fins. Were the Fins will be about getting the best and nicest models this army will be about getting a cheap army fast! (saying that both armies will cost about the same amount to buy!) I will be using The Plastic Soldier Company and Zeveda for almost all the models.

I was also looking into paint the army with a camo scheme, thanks to Winner Dave’s airbrush (Dave can I please use your airbrush!?!) this should be quick!

So the list:-

 Fearless    Conscript   Mixed Tankovy Batalon
(Red Army)
Mixed Tank Battalion
Soviet Mid-War
Tank Company
Platoon Qty Unit Points
Combat Companies
Light Tankovy Company(Red Army)  p.196
7 T-70 obr 1942 210
Medium Tankovy Company(Red Army)  p.196
9 Mark II 76mm (Matilda II CS) 405
Heavy Tankovy Company(Red Army)  p.197
Tankodesantniki SMG team
Corps Support
Armoured Car Company  Fearless  Trained   p.193
5 BA-10M 190
Air Support  p.232
5 Limited Air Support I-153 120
Company Points: 1540
www.EasyArmy.com                                                         Source document: Eastern Front
The Kit that inspired the list

The only real problem with this army is I tried to collect a Soviet LW tank army last year and failed because I couldn’t find a painting method I liked. But I think I have found a method I like now but that is untried.

  • Would be a very different army to play with
  • Would be quick to paint
  • 26 Tanks and a plan must be fun right!
  • Won’t look as good as the Fins
  • I might end up hating painting them

So there you go, two different armies and it’s up to you what I will play! The poll will run until Sunday Night UK time so vote quickly!

I think I will enjoy both armies so I really don’t know what I would vote for!

Well thanks for reading and until next time


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  1. I've played against the Finns numerous times, they are a tough, tough army to face! Torni is one of the best warrior teams in the game and two veteran KV1es can cause a huge amount of mayhem.
    The Tankovy would be fun, but maybe frustrating. Conscript tanks die very fast, even KV's. Throw in Hen and Chicks, and it can be tricky. I play Soviets and tend to go infantry in mid-war, tank or tank/infantry mix in late-war. I've voted for the Finns, a very cool army with the mix of German and Soviet equipment, don't why more people don't play them.
    re: your previous post about trained tanks, I've fielded the Canadian armoured company in midwar. You get lots of tanks, but one Tiger and you're dead! It does make you a better player though I think, especially when you go back to Veterans. You appreciate what you've got 🙂

    1. Thanks Red Dog.

      I think both list would be good and have limitations (don't want to play the Fins against a Soviet tank horde!). Still Fins winning 13 – 6 at the moment so looks like a land slide victory.

      Yeah using Trained is hard. I really see Veteran as an armour value all of it's own. Still I hope it'll make me a better player.

    1. They are cool.

      I will be honest I did think the Soviets would win the vote as they are a more well know army. But at 15 – 6 I a little shocked it's so one sided. Still it's nice that Fins are so well liked.

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