Where To Go With My Guards Armoured Recce Box Set?

Good morning boys and girls, Doctor Cox here and I have a question for you all!

Recently I came into possession of one of the Guards Armoured Recce Box Sets (BRAB07) and I’m in a quandary where to go. I thought I’d throw it open to the floor for some inspiration.

Option 1 ‘Desert Rats Armoured Recon’ 


  •  New from overlord
    Cautious movement on movement 16 tanks 
  •  Love a little reluctant veteran – not a rating I’ve used before


Option 2 ‘Guards Armoured’ 


  • Can be from both Overlord and Market Garden
  • You get CV Cromwell
  • Guards Rules 
  • The tokens in the box work with them


  • They’re CV so trying to get 6 platoons in 1750 is hard!
  • In overlord they’re CT with no 17pdr

Option 3 ’11th Armoured Recon – The Black Bull’


  • CT so plenty of units
  • Love the idea of Luttrell
  • In both Overlord and Market Garden Books


  • Ben has done the Black Bull and think my list choices would be very similar to his.
  • Again no heavy 17pdrs in Overlord
  • CT is so easy to hit…

So people which option? I’m open to your thoughts.


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  1. Guards Armored, the other two are already taken by Ben and Dr. Alex. Anyways the CV Cromwells would be sweet. This is what I would do, but its your choice.

  2. Problem with the Polish option is no Fireflies/challengers and only trained. Also they still have the old AT values for 17 pounders where as the Czechs have AT 15 17 pounders and Fireflies.


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Article by: Mark Goddard