So I Bought A House Today… No Wait A Village!

Hi All

So I was looking over the Flames of War site this morning for the weekly update and I saw they had put up a subscription deal for their new Western Europe Building sets. I was planning on buying all the building anyway as they look good, I’m a massive fan of the GF9 Terrian sets and I wanted a village for my Flames of War games (Also I knew if I didn’t buy them I knew I regret it).

The deal seems a good one to me. You get free P&P and you also get alot of add on bits for the buildings for free. These bits include:-

Walls and Monuments

and Out Buildings

All in all a great deal and somethings I had to sign up for! The only down side is I’m now planning on spending more money roads so I have enough for the village!

I’ll do a review when the first one turns up.

Thanks for reading and until next time


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  1. Somewere on the Battlefront Forums it JP does say that if you talk to syour LGS about it he would make BF find a way to make it work with the LSG.

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