Shoot and Scoot Episode 34 – The one where we have played some more games!

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot to talk about what they have been painting in “Faces, Bases Something and Something”, putting the T-80 through its paces on the tabletop, look at 100pt Fallschirmjäger lists for late war in “You and Whose Army” and answer your questions in “An Officer Answers”.

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Faces, Bases, Something and Something

00:02:27 – Lee gets properly hobby magpied and dumps the Brits in favour of some hot Soviet action.

00:05:30 – Duncan goes Dutch!
00:09:45 – Eddie has been making some stompy robots and not-so-tiny airplanes, as well as doing hobby housekeeping.

What we’ve been playing

00:15:20 – We played some games!  Eddie hosted a “rule of 6” friendly three-way (oo-er).  We talked about the urban table set-up and the challenges it presented.

00:22:50 – Duncan and Eddie went first in Bridgehead.  We talk about how awful Dragons are, how much paint repeat Hails can inflict and the key difference between assaults in Flames of War and in Team Yankee.
00:38:10 – Lee took the T-80 for a spin.  We talk about the dangers of over-confidence, why you should always use your ambush and how mines don’t discriminate.
00:53:00 – Fez is cancelled!

You and Whose Army

00:55:45 – Vincet Jfm asked us for help with late war Fallschirmjäger.  So we each took a swing at 100pt forces.
00:58:00 – Eddie risks some giggling by going with the defense of Brest and an infantry based force. 
01:06:00 – Duncan also fancies the Brest but has a more combined arms affair.
01:17:15 – Lee also goes Infantry heavy but with a Market Garden theme.

An Officer Answers

01:27:00 – Philip Hails asks “When taking FJs, how important is it to max out the infantry platoons?”

01:33:30 – Brent Devos asks “Do you prefer Falschirmjager on the attack or in defense? Historically, it seems they were good at both.”

01:38:00 – The legend that is Coxer asks “If my ‘friend’ was starting a soviet army, and I had a french one what would you field and would it only be hot helicopters?”

01:43:45 – Quentin Taylor asks “Advice for organizing a tournament?
What are the most important aspects?
What details make/break a tournament experience?
What have you not seen yet in tournament organization that you wish you would?”

02:07:20 – Adrian Gibson asks “What Team Yankee army(s) would you play if you wanted a totally different experience from one available in Flames of War.” 

02:15:15 – Philip Hale asks “How much (or not) will the t80 shake up the tank meta in TY?”

02:21:30 – Geoffrey Hill asks “116th panzergrendiers (armoured or not) vs 9th “the best” SS panzergrenadiers. Which would you prefer as a single unit or as part of a formation?”

Shoot and Scoot (hidden track)

02:29:17 – Coxer is putting together a socially responsible TY 75pt tournament at Entoyment in November. Stay tuned for details! We talk about our forces we plan to take and what needs painting!

02:33:15 – Fez takes on responsibility for the shoot and scoot roll using his Dice of War samples and…

Thanks for listening! If you have a question for “An Officer Answers”, an army you want help with in “You and Whose Army”, or just want to give us some feedback, then message us at

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