Shoot and Scoot Episode 25 – The lockdown episode

Duncan, Eddie and Lee return with another episode of Shoot and Scoot! We talk about our top 5 AFV, our painting competition, what has been on our painting tables and answer your questions.

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What we have been painting

00:02:45 – Lee berates his inability to maintain an airbrush.  Plus congrats to Coxer and his new arrival!

00:04:45 – Fez talks about getting deep into Citadel Contrast paints, plus his Polish airborne quandary for Team Yankee

00:11:35 – Duncan talks about his basing efforts, going Dutch and the high pounds/point ratio of the BTR-60

Top 5 Armoured Fighting Vehicles

00:19:00 – we set the rules of engagement for the discussion. 

00:20:30 – No.5!  Lee goes big, early, Duncan brings religion into it and Eddie goes scout.

00:23:45 – No.4! Lee goes big game hunting, Duncan goes for a sporty compact and Eddie keeps it universal.

00:28:25 – No.3! Lee goes for big recce, Duncan plays the Italian card and Eddie brings in the wind.

00:31:45 – No.2! Lee goes to hell, Duncan fancies a breath of fresh air and Eddie goes for an absolute unit of an assault gun.

00:36:00 – No.1! Lee goes for the definitive assault gun, Duncan goes flat and Eddie goes long.

00:41:45 – We talk about what the next episode’s top 5 will be.

Breakthrough Assault Painting Contest

00:44:15 – We talk about our painting contest and our favourite entrants.  The first one has finished with Petter Therén’s awesome 88s being the winner.  A new one will be coming soon.

An Officer’s Answers

00:51:00 – Timothy Anderson asks “Why did the Brits stop painting camo in normandy. Look at the greys tanks in Italy, then they go to Normandy and don’t bother, even though apparently the paint was available?”

00:54:15 – Vincent Jfm asks “How many AT 14 do you consider to be the absolute minimum when building à british list?  Can the Typhoon be a good alternative?”

00:56:10 – Geoffery Hill asks “Could you discuss tactics for using transport attachments for mechanized infantry. The vehicles seem to offer a tremendous amount of benefits as a transport attachment.”

01:05:40 – Tony Hellard asks “When producing an army list, what is your first criteria that you look for?”

01:09:50 – Chris Bo asks “From which “Men-only“ nightclub did you steal that poster?”

The kind of body only topless volleyball on the beach can craft

01:10:40 – Luke Daley asks “Do you think Swedes in TY will be a good army if they’re ever done by BF? I personally think they will be quite defensive but will lack quality in certain areas (lack of AA, poor choice in artillery, no dedicated attack helicopters). Mediocre infantry and nice sneaky-but-vulnerable tanks.”

Funky Bandkanon SP artillery

01:13:00 – William White asks “Kangaroos, yes or no?”

Military Operation or…

01:16:00 – Duncan brings us another round of “Military Operation or…” as he plays ringmaster and pits Eddie vs Lee in a fight to the death mildly inconvenienced.  Sadly Lee’s murky’s past lends him an advantage…

Shoot and Scoot

01:28:00 – Its time to work out our skill level and aim to shoot and scoot!  Plus hidden track!

Look, my misspent youth was Sea Cadets, Plane Spotting and Wargaming, not ornithology… – Lee

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