The Road to FearNaught – El Alamein – DAK – Finished!

Hello All,

The DAK are done! (Well bar a few decals…) I finished the trucks last night and the crew today. I’m not sure about have I feel the transports turned out, the Kubelwagons and the half-tracks were a pain to paint with my warn paint scheme. Also I think the Zvezda trucks might be a little bit big compared to the Battlefront transports; not to mention that they were also quite hard to put together and bent really easily. Having said that as I army I am very happy with how they have turned out and I’m really looking forward to the weekend and seeing them in action.

I wasn’t sure about the blue windscreens at first, but I now think they
add a lot of colour and break up the model nicely.
A full grenadier platoon with transports.

HQ Kubelwagens and trucks for the HMG teams.
These now just need Decals…

The Army as a whole.

 So Fearnaught is 4 weeks tomorrow and my army is done, this feels odd as I can’t remember the last time I have finished my army this far away from an event, I’m normally painting up units the night before. So I can put my feet up…. is what I would be saying if I didn’t have a commission to get an Italian army painted up for the same event! well the first models turned up this week so I’ll be painting them for the next few weeks. Lucky I have the week before Fearnaught off!

I also have plans to add a few more units to the army for both Early War and Mid War. At the moment I’m looking at about 10 Panzer II’s, 5 Early Panzer III’s, some artillery (probably 10.5cm leFH18) and then a Tiger or 3 (Think I might end up with a Tunisian Tiger company), but that’s in my plans for next year.

On other news I will be playing my first Operation Sealion game on Sunday, when my Hungarian’s take on a “Free” Soviet army. I hope to have an AAR up on the site either Sunday or Monday (more likely Monday) so keep your eyes peeled!

As always thanks for reading Ben

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Article by: Mark Goddard