The Road to FearNaught – El Alamein – DAK – Situation Report

Hi All

Thought I would post up a quick situation report of were I am with the army. Well I was quite surprised to realise I have almost finished my Fearnaught list! I still have quite a few extra bits to get down for when I turn teh army into an EW and later MW DAK but my initial goal of Fearnaught is almost there.

My army as it stands, 5 out of the 6 platoons done (well bar transports).

What I have left to do:-

 SdKfz 10’s for my 2 Pak 36(r)’s

Opelbltiz Trucks for my Grenider Platoons

SdKfz 223 (Fu) and SdKfz 222 (2cm)

The only bits I still need to buy is five Kubelwagen for command stands. I’m very confident I can get all of this down on time, even with my first painting commision due for the same event (an Italian army).

As always thanks for reading.


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  1. The army looks really impressive there, great desert damage on the guns and tanks. Think you've done a really nice job on the infantry bases too.

    The DAK is a great looking army, stubby Panzer IVs, 88s, SdKfz 222s – you've done them all!

  2. You are making nice progress there.
    Not sure I could face painting another infantry company just yet, I think I'll stick with the Panzer force…

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Article by: Mark Goddard