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Last year I took part in a campaign weekend called FearNaught – Market Garden, I had always loved campaign weekends and this was one of the best ones I had every been to. So this year they are planning on running 3 weekends, two Desert based ones and an Eastern Front one. I was going to go to the first Desert one (Gazala) but my friends birthday was on the same weekend, my memory being as good as it is I didn’t make the connection until after I had bought most of the army (Doh!). Fortunately I can use the army for the second desert weekend! So now El Alamein has been confirmed for the 16th and 17th June 2012 I have dug out my DAK and have started planning my army for it.

I have decided to do the 164 Leichte Afrikadivision, as they were an important part of the battle fighting in the northern part of the front. The list for FearNaught have special rules, firstly they have to be themed around the battle the weekend is based on (sort of the point really). Secondly the organiser Alex like to keep Artillery and Air Support controlled by a central command so you can’t have any in your lists. With this in mind my List will be:-

HQ:- Company HQ with 2 HMG’s     105pts

Combat Platoons:- Afrika Schutzen Platoon with 3 sections, 7.62cm PaK36(r) and Panzerknacker     250pts
Afrika Schutzen Platoon with 3 sections, 7.62cm PaK36(r) and Panzerknacker     250pts

Support Platoons:- Pioneer Platoon with 3 Sections and Supply Truck     230pts
3 Sd Kfz 222/3     110pts
2 Flak 8.8cm with extra Crew     255pts
3 Panzer IV E     300pts

Total 1500pts

My army so far

The first Afrika Schutzen Platoon

The Second Afrika Schutzen Platoon

 Trucks for the Afrika Schutzen Platoons

These are the first of 12 or so I will paint up. The first set of trucks are British, I did this for 2 reasons, firstly I wanted an easy way of being able to tell which squad was which on the table and secondly the Germans used a lot of British Trucks and other captured equipment during the Desert war.

Pioneer Platoon – WIP

3 Panzer IV E – WIP

I have used the WWPD Tutorial for the Panzers, I’m planning on doing all the Anti-Tank guns and Flak 8.8cm in the same style.

Flak 8.8cm – WIP

7.62cm PaK36(r)s for the Afrika Schutzen Platoons – WIP

Well thanks for looking, I will be updating my progress as I get the models painted. I only have around 12 weeks to get the army done.


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    1. Thanks for the kind words guys.

      @ Ferb – the 2 best places are:-

      They are running a third event this year in Oct for Kursk, that has filled up already but there aren't many names on the resevre list so there is a good chance of making it if you wanted to do that one.

      El ALamein has still got spaces, would you be looking at Allied or Axis?

      Also the first on for next year is Cassino, I will be going to this one one way or the other as I had relatives who fought there.


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