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I picked up a box of the new PSC Panthers from Triple Helix on Friday for my Hungarians. I did not intend to buy them but when I saw how big the box was and the price I could hardly say no! So I’m now planning a Panther company based on Evrin Tarczay’s Tank company that fought on the Romanian border form September 1944 (see grey Wolf for more details).

But anyway onto the Review, as I have already said the box is really big and that’s a result of the sprues being really big. This is the second PSC box I have bought (I got a box of T34’s for an old Finnish Army) and I must say the Panthers of a much higher quaintly.

The set comes with the options for the Panther Ausf D, A or G, to this end you have 2 different upper hulls, 2 different turret fronts and quite a few other smaller options to make a difference for make to make.

The biggest improvement for me over the T34’s is the additions to the tracks. On the T34’s it was hard to get the tracks to stay in place or the right place in fact. On the Panthers they have added a few teeth to help keep the tracks on the wheels, trust me when I say this has made a big difference.

Some people on the Internet have said that they found the instructions hard to follow, I will say that they are not the clearest to follow, but with a quick dry run I had no trouble at all with the models.

The PSC Panther holds up very well next to the Battlefront panther. While I would not have the 2 different models in the same platoon, I don’t think they’ll stand out to much if they were in the same company once painted.

The one think I don’t like with the PSC tank sets is that they only come with one crew man. This is fine if you are only having a platoon in your army but if you are building a tank company it will look at bit odd. Fortunately the Battlefront crew fit in with only the smallest amount of extra work.

All in all this is a great set, for only £16.16 (well that’s what I spent) you get 5 highly detailed tanks that I think even the most die hard anti plastic wargamers would struggle to criticise. If you haven’t bought any PSC models yet I highly recommend you give them a go.

Overall 9/10.

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Article by: Mark Goddard