Project Finland – Mission Complete

Hi all Coxer here,

Wow, that’s another huge project completed. It’s been 6 months since my first post for this project went live, though with the planning which goes into it, the painting which normally starts before posts go live etc – I’ve been working on the army since January of this year

The aim was always to get an army which could be played in multiple time periods(EW/MW/LW) – and not only have I done that but I’ve also taken them to tournaments in three different time periods too, EW – Welsh open, MW – Breakthrough Assault MW one Day, and LW – Breakthrough Assault LW one day. Not too bad I think. I will admit though due to having lots of other lists and armies I’ve not played them in as many normal games as I’d have liked – in fact I’m going to take a little FoW painting break so I can catch up with playing these guys and also some of the other lists I have yet to play.

Painting this army has been a big undertaking, and during it I’ve learnt a lot. My painting of weathered and chipped tanks has come on leaps and bounds, both due to my refinement of the old toothpaste technique, but also the use of PSC’s weathering paints and also MIG’s winter streaking grime – I’m really happy with the results. I think there is a real improvement between the T-26’s and BA-10 armoured cars, and the captured soviet tanks, and the Panzer 4’s.
It’s been a huge number of infantry as well, There were the two rifle platoons, the SMG platoon, pioneers/tank hunters, and of course the Sissi troops – I think I probably only really needed to paint up three platoons of infantry instead of 5, but I’m a sucker for punishment. Though I have gone slightly mad painting all this white, just as with the end of the volksgrenadiers – I think the next person to see me paint a winter army has my permission to slap me!
The one thing I have really liked from this project is the use of magnets – with the artillery and AT guns all magnetised I’m able to really make the most of my models and ensure their flexibility over the various time periods.
So what’s been my favourite model in this project? Easy the AA, they’re cool little vehicles and really look good I think.
Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed this little project, it’s been a long process for me – and seriously I’ve had enough of white!
Thanks for looking


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  1. Superb work. It's really impressive seeing the whole collection together like that. It looks all-white from a distance, but there is a lot of detail once you get a bit closer. Well done 🙂

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