Project Finland – Late War Finnish List For BA One Dayer

Hi all,

Ok so I’m slightly nervous here as a nail my colours to the mast, it’s our local 1 day event and I think I’m going to take the Finns!

Now why the Finns? Well good question – my initial thoughts had been Brit Airlanding or possibly German Panzers from DM, FI or PTTM, or even as an off chance my Italy Brits! But 2 things have swayed me, firstly – I like playing aggressive infantry! There is something nice about your stands of men getting ready to teach the opposition a lesson. Secondly the Finns did me proud at the Welsh Open – I think for that they get a second outing!

So what is the list I go for firstly. Well I’m really looking at the Jääkärikomppania from either the Lapin Sota or Grey Wolf. What are the big differences to me? Well it boils down to fearless vets vs confident vets – and Panzer IV’s vs no Panzer IV’s.
Now this is a key decision, the Fearless option has always been good – allows your men to do what you want them to do. But the Confident break gives you more – that and 5 Panzer IV’s is a damn good assault unit in anyone’s book!
other units needed to be painted
other unit in need of painting

I’m thinking I’ll take the CV option as it just gives me more points to spend, but a bit of play testing may make me regret that!

So what’s the aim of this list? Well it’s two fold – to hold the line against Tanks, and to take the fight to enemy infantry. So this is my first thought how do I hit the enemy hard and fast – and in the Finns there is one answer and his name is Torni. Why well firstly he’s Recce, FV, platoon command with TA4 – not shabby – oh and his platoon motivates on a 2+, oh and his platoon can reroll all skill test (and rolling to hit in assault is a skill test!) He’s a sledge hammer – but you can also upgrade his entire platoon to Recce, and also give SMG’s – now the second option is definitely a ‘would be nice’ the first is a great way of getting them in safely – now to be an ass! One of the little bits with recon and tank riders is that they can only use their move + stay gtg if their riders are also recce – so let’s take 3 BA10 armoured cars, mount this platoon on them – recce move up and turn one jump off and consider getting into combat – any objections?

Now assaulting is one thing defending is another – you need some AT – so the second platoon can have a command Faust and a Panzerschrek from the HQ – I’m also considering some HMG’s for either an extra platoon or to help make up for the rifles in defensive fire.

Now the next thing in need are templates – notice the plural – I want more than one and with smoke. The easy option are the mortars, upgraded to be smoke ones – no issue there, my only real option for a second template is artillery – now LW Finn’s can do combined bombardments – but without bonus’s like ‘mike target’ or  ToT, I’m in two minds whether to get 6+ guns. Strangely my EW adventure has pushed me towards only one battery – I think without the above rules arty is a great threat – but a less great weapon. I’m thinking though that 4 10.5 artillery – smoke, smoke bombardment, AT4 FP4+ is a solid choice, if I have the points I’ll try and get AT5 2+
Next I’m thinking of mobility – 2 options here really shine for me – the Panzer 4’s and the T34/85’s. They are a lot of points if both taken. The other option in one of their slots is the elite Heavy AT platoon – with corporal Ilomaki – as a warrior you need the enemy to pass a test or he’ll just man another PaK40 – and with up to 6 available that’s handy. I’ve spent quite some time on this, and in the end I think the 5 panzer 4’s with some Pak 40’s backing them up is a good call. I think I want to increase my Pak’s survivability, so one option for the Heavy AT platoon is a panzerfaust rifle team – if I add him the platoon is 4 stands, so even if both guns die I won’t be man alone! 

The last thing I want is some AA – this may seem an odd choice, but recently I’ve seen an upswing in the use of air as a decent template – the one issue is that bofors arriving from reserve are often useless/easy target. So what I’m thinking is the Finnish SP AA, it can help vs infantry (in place of an HMG) yet be more functional than static bofors.

So this is the list!

Confident  Veteran  Lapin Sota Jääkärikomppania (with Elite) Finnish Late-War
Platoon Qty Unit Points
Jääkärikomppania HQ  p.13
Cmd SMG team
Panzerschreck team
Combat Platoons
Jääkäri Platoon  p.13
Warrior Command SMG Recce team Captain Lauri Törni
SMG team
Entire Platoon upgraded to Reconnaissance Platoon
Jääkäri Platoon  p.13
Cmd Panzerfaust SMG team
Rifle team
Weapons Platoons
Jääkäri Mortar Platoon  p.14
Cmd SMG team
Observer Rifle team
Tampella M/35 81mm mortar
Brigade Support
Jääkäri Heavy Tank-hunter Platoon  p.15
Cmd SMG team
75 PstK/40 (7.5cm PaK40) gun
Stalinets tractor
Divisional Support
Panssari Platoon  p.18
5 Panzer IV J 430
Heavy Anti-tank Platoon (Elite)  p.19


Cmd SMG team
75 PstK/40 (7.5cm PaK40) gun
Fearless Veteran Warrior Toivo Ilomäki in gun team
Panzerfaust Rifle team
Armoured Car Platoon  p.19
3 BA-10 120
Artillery Battery (Elite)  p.20
Cmd SMG team
Staff team
Observer Rifle team
105 H/33 (10.5cm leFH18) howitzer
3-ton truck
Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Platoon  p.18
2 Landsverk Anti-II 110
Company Points: 1780 Source document: Finns in the Lapin Sota PDF
At the time of writing this I’ve got a bit I need to do, 2 more Pak40’s, the panzer 4’s, the AA and ideally use the SMG platoon, with a couple if trucks etc. anyway I hope you found this interesting and we’ll see how it goes 

Thanks Adam

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