Project Finland: Finnish Tank Hunter Platoon (Late War)

Hi all the penultimate unit for my Finns. I thought they deserved their own
little article, as despite being 7 stands strong (apologies for only showing 6
stands forgot one in my box!) they have a real tactical use which I think
deserves a highlight.

These chaps are either FV (grey wolf) or CV (lapin sota) and are rifle
panzerfaust. They are therefore perfect for anti tank up close. The two main
use I’ve found for them are these – objective holding, ambushing. 

Objective holding, this is the easiest explanation. If I’m against a tank force
sitting these guys on an objective is a great deterrent, I will normally mix
them with a regular infantry platoon, able to add to defensive fire, but also
not be hit in the first charge into combat. 
Ambushing is far more fun. The platoon is small enough you can fit them easily
in many terrain areas, and suddenly around woods and buildings it’s a complete
no go area! Even with recon it will limit your opponents manoeuvrability. If
they do stray too close you can  pop out
and if lucky assault units from cover! 
Anyway I hope you like the little update – until next time.

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Article by: Mark Goddard