Podcast – Beyond The Foxholes – Episode 2

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Welcome to Episode 2 of Beyond The Foxholes. In this episode we talk about:-

In Part 1
Adam, Ben and Winner Dave introduce themselves and talk about there hobby backgrounds. Followed by a quick AAR of what they have been up to, Atlankic Wall lists and a look at Rising Sun.

In Part 2
The guys get crunchy with a look at the tactical use of Panzerfaust/MG teams vs separate Faust teams, some events that they having coming up, a little tribute to Steve from WWPD and finally a look what they’re up to over the next month.

Link for Beyond The Foxhloes Ep 2

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Corrections – In the AAR section we talk about “Guns fight or die”. Winner said that you should allocate hits to infantry and not gun teams, so that you can get some free kills . He meant to say “non man-packed” gun teams in that segment because you can’t declare man-packed gun teams as target priority.

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