Podcast – Beyond The Foxholes – Episode 1

Hello All

Today I’m please to announce our very own Podcast “Beyond The Foxholes”. Steve from WWPD have very kindly agreed/offered to put our Podcast in the WWPD network, to which we are all very grateful for this opportunity.

In Episode one Ben, Adam and Winner Dave are on the road to the Welsh Open. In part one the we talk about our lists, our expectations of the event and a little bit about the new D-Day books.

In Part two we have a full AAR of the Welsh Open, our fun and games on the Saturday night (it includes a bagpipe and not in a good way!) and what we have coming up in the next few months 

Link here for:- Beyond The Foxholes Ep 1

If you do listen to the podcast please leave some feed back as we are all new to podcasting and would like any and all thoughts about what you liked, what you didn’t like and anything you’d like to hear more of.

As always thanks for reading (well listening!) and until next time,


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  1. Good effort guys. It was interesting the whole way through with some good banter! Surprisingly good audio too despite being recorded in a car!

  2. Engaging stuff sirs. I liked the format and it was good to listen to some Brits talking shop for once.

    Looking forward to your next episode.

  3. Call me old fashioned but I still prefer to LOOK at nice painted figures and see what people write about them… whether how to paint them , or how best to use them in the game… I don't get the chance to check out audio…

    1. Hi Scott,

      no worries, we are still going to have lots of photos and text on the blog, the podcast would not take away from that and was not intended to.

      I see a podcast as a chance to talk about topics that would be easier to talk about than write and to get the forum style chatting about some topics which also wouldn't work in a blog post.


  4. THis is great to hear guys! Im headed out to the garage to listen to Ep 1 and then WWPD Ep 60 today. Hopefully bang out a bunch of painting 🙂

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