After Action Reports

Tankovy Vs Fallschirmjagers - Break Out
Peiper Vs Tankovy - Surrounded
Welsh Infantry Vs Grenadiers - Hold The Line 
Tankovy Vs Panzer Lehr - Free For All
Welsh Guards Vs FJ's - Roadblock
Canadian Rifles Vs KG Spindler - Free For All
Guards Armoured Recon Vs Fallschirjagers - Counter Attack
Soviet Heavy Assault Gun Company vs Panzer Lehr - Free for All
Desert Rats Infantry Vs Panzer Lehr - No Retreat
Desert Rats Infantry Vs Volksgrenadiers - Hold The Line
Volksgrenadiers VS US Rifles - Fighting Withdrawal
Jagdpanthers vs Irish Guards - No Retreat
Jagdpanthers vs 11th Armoured - Fighting Withdrawal
Jagdpanthers vs Forifided Soviets - Counter Attack
Fallschirmjagers VS US Cav Recon - No Retreat
Canadian Armoured Recce VS Fallschirmajgers - Free For All
11th Armoured VS Fallschirmjagers - Breakthrough
British Paras VS FJ's - Hasty Attack
British Paras VS Strelkovy - Encounter
Canadian Armour VS Heavy Hungarian Armour - Fighting Withdrawl
US 3rd Armoured VS Hungarian Assault Guns - Breakthrough
Canadian Recon VS German Puma Recon - Cauldron
British Paras & Soviet Armour VS FJ's & German Recon - No Retreat
British Paras VS Hungarian Assault Guns - Surrounded
Canadian Recon VS German Puma Recon - Counter Attack
Strelkovy VS Hungarian Assault Guns - Free For All
British Paras VS StuG Battery - Free For All


Corrivaly 2013 - 1750pts LW British Paras - DrCox
Brighton Bash 2013 - 1750pts LW 
Breakthrough Assault 2012 - 1575pts LW- DrCox
Breakthrough Assault 2012 - 1575pts LW