Mark IV and Mark VI Churchills

Hello All,

It’s been awhile since I have done a painting post as I have been a little busy with “real life” stuff, but I have not been idle and I have been painting up Churchills for the up and coming Welsh Open.

I used the new PSC Army Spray on these guys and I’m happy to report that unlike the German spray it’s a spot on match for the odd Battlefront Late War Spray. The first platoon on show is a platoon of Mark VI Churchills.

 I’m happy with how the Mark VI Churchills turned out. They were quite different to paint from the other British tanks I have painted.

I must say I love the look of the Churchill, like the Cromwell it has a lovely strange look about it that I love about British Tank design during the war.

I have done all the Churchills with Canadian Markings as something a little different (it also meant I could buy another dice set!).

Next up a Mark IV Platoon

 The only real difference between this platoon and the Mark VI platon is the gun barrels.

As the British didn’t really use a clear squad marking system I have put name decals on all the tanks. The idea being that each platoon has all the names start with the same letter, the Mark IV’s all start with I.

 The last part of this post is the HQ Churchill

 The HQ tank is another Mark VI tank.

Well thanks for reading and until next time


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Article by: Mark Goddard