Mark I and OKE Churchills

Hello All,

A second update up for my Welsh Open Churchill Army. This time I have a platoon of Mark I Churchills and my first FOW conversion, a platoon of Oke Churchill.

I had decided to give the Dieppe Churchill list a go as laugh, one of the most interesting units in the list are the Oke Churchills. They are interesting as they are not normal flame tanks. They can assault, counter attack and do anything a normal tank can but with the added fun of having a one shot flame thrower.

Now Battlefront don’t do a model for the tank (not surprising really as the tank was only used at Dieppe and I think there was only 6 or so built) but they do have a nice guide on the web site.

Now my conversion isn’t 100% accurate, but I think it’s pretty close.

 The flame thrower at the front may look a little odd but thats what they looked like. Still the annoying thing with the unit is in the 3 games I have played I have only played against tanks…. so the flame thrower has been a little pointless.

Now the Mark I Churchills

 This platoon is my jack of all trades platoon as I can fire smoke with it, bombard and with fire power 3+ I can dig out infantry,

Well thanks for reading and wish me luck at the Welsh Open this coming weekend


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Article by: Mark Goddard