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Well here I am again with yet more models. This time it is my Stuarts

know Ben has done a recent exposé on the new ones from PSC but I like
these ones from BF, though the box only comes with three I managed to
source a 4th for various occasions.
They are an interesting recce
unit due to their fully tracked and armoured nature, though I always
worry I may use them as tanks as opposed to recon, but in a pinch 4
Stuart’s will assault as well as 4 Cromwell!

They also can annoy the sides of some enemy tanks at a punch too, but that does loose all their recce goodness.

for painting them I used exactly the same method as described back in
my Cromwell post, you may notice that one is a slightly different green,
the one I got off a friend had the old battlefront green spray, so that
plus time, sunlight and dust has led to a subtly different colour.

may have also noticed the muon the tracks on my vehicles, this is one
of the new GW texture paints stirland mud’ I thought I’d try it out, it
looks better with less IMHO, and you apply leave it to dry (about 3 hrs
in my experience) dry brush then the quick shade etc. I think it adds a
little to the model.

Anyway I hope you enjoy

Thanks for looking


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  1. They look nice. I really love the Stuarts in games. For my MG list with 11th AD I can only use Jalopies and they are great for harassing infantry. I am excited to use cheap Stuarts with turrets for Overlord. As you said, they assault almost as well (less side armour for defensive fire) as Shermans/Cromwells. Their guns are almost as good against infantry. They are light tanks. They look cool. And opponents tend to ignore them. My Stuart jalopies are often the stars of the battle. One game they single handedly destroyed an entire German infantry platoon in assault and then pinned and destroyed a Pak40 platoon the next turn.

  2. Cheers guys, I'll try and get a photo of the mud up soon. I think weathering is a very difficult thing to get right – at least for me. Not used the Stuart's much but will keep you updated

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