Finnish – Landsverk Anti II AA-tank and Lorries

Hi all another little update for my Finns

This time it’s a bit odd as only some of the units are combat units, and some are transports…

But lets start with the fun stuff the Landsverk Anti II AA-tank, it’s one of the coolest little units in the game IMHO (though I am a sucker for SP AA)
It’s got enough armour to ignore rifles – all you need really… But it’s the fact it mounts a Bofors that really makes it fun, that some long range FP4+ multi shot fun – why didn’t this brits use this instead of a Bofors on a truck?

Painting wise I once again did the tri colour camo before adding the resist (toothpaste) and then spraying white. The main difference to the panzer 4’s was that I couldn’t easily mask the tracks so I painted them after. Again once the details were done, I weathered the tank using the PSC weathering washes and then the winter streaking grime for MiG. I like the final effect, but they looked a little tidy, and hence a little stowage was added just to help out finally.

The lorries were one’s I’d painted before but stripped the stalinets were new buys – why I did these guys I don’t know – whimsy I think.

unlike the fighting vehicles I just applied green before the white, and again following the details above – I deliberately left the canvas on the tanks clean so as to show they were new and ready for winter.

Anyway I hope you like until next time

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Article by: Mark Goddard