Finnish: Jääkäri Rifle Platoon (Winter)

Ok so let’s start with the first unit for my ‘Project Finland‘ force. I’ve decided to go for an infantry platoon initially as they are the core of all the forces and this I always feel a good starting place.

Firstly the models themselves. The models themselves had a fair bit of flash and lines that required trimming and filing, but nothing too excessive. The sculpt quality was very good! Compared to the British infantry I’d last done, the details were clear, hands and faces really sharp too.
Only one pose was a bit off with it’s right hand, and that may be my only complaint with the models. They also fit nicely into the new BF bases (except the prone figures) which is another added bonus. Another nice point about these models is the level of detail, they are strangely uncluttered which allows their winter uniforms to take the stage which I’m also very happy with. 

Also the pack not only comes with the models for the platoon but also one of the IC/2IC bases. I like how they’ve done this as it allows you to get the two core platoons and have all the compulsory choices without getting an extra blister. You also get enough figures for half the infantry bases to be 5 man bases, and the option for a close defense member on the platoon command base. As I prefer having only 4 to a base this left me with 5 spare men eventually.

Having cleaned the models and affixed them to the bases I filled in the base with fine polyfiller, and added areas of medium gravel to break up the base. I like having a mixture of textures and colours when I’m basing. 

Following this I applied Army painter grey uniform as a primer, I’ve decided after my last winter foray that grey would be a better base colour for highlighting to white without all the extra layers needed to get from black. I also chose this one as it was less blue than other greys which I had found with my last winter painting.

I started then by painting the gravel green grey to go for a more natural tundra/ rock tone and highlighted by drybrushing green grey. I then drybrushed the base heavily with white. 

I then started on the models themselves, firstly I applied a black wash to add definition, for this I used GW’s nuln oil. Once this wS done I started the process of highlighting to white. My aim on this is to build up slowly so the final white is completely opaque, but I’m not too worried if white is next to a much darker grey, due to the fact I’m painting fabric so due to folds and shadows this happens naturally. But I build up from uniform grey, then light sea grey, a 1:1 mixture of sea grey and white and then pure white.

Following this I then move to the flesh, in this case limited to the faces. I continue to finish off my pot of GW tallarn flesh, with elf flesh highlights, before a brown wash.

Next off I went onto the straps – for this unused German camo medium brown, with a 1:1 mix of that and khaki for highlights.

Next it was the rifle, this time I used German camo black brown with flat earth highlights, and GW adeptus battle grey for the metal.

The gloves and hats were green grey followed by grey green highlights. Whilst the helmets (after much abuse from Ben) we’re brown violet with grey green highlights.

Finally the Lapland boots were green brown with a brown wash and green ochre highlights.
Lastly the base was finished with static grass and snow. Before it was all blasted with testors dull coate.
Well I hope you like the final result, I’m pretty happy and looking forward to the next platoon

Thanks for reading

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Article by: Mark Goddard