Finnish Artillery Group (Winter)

Hi all and here’s another update for my fighting Finn’s

This time it’s the artillery (if you hadn’t guessed from the
title). This is the first platoon (or platoons as I did both together) from the
Finnish winter special range that was delayed – I’ll admit I’ve been frustrated
waiting for these guys (as I’ve mentioned all over the internet numerous times)
but they are worth the wait.

The sculpts themselves are nice, some of the men carrying
shells look a little boxy, but most are nicely done – compared to the regular
infantry they have significantly less belts and straps, which whilst easier to
paint leaves larger white areas which is a shame as it’s the shade and light
which really helps these guys stand out. They also supply you with an almost
excessive number of mini’s! you get the traditional command trio and spotters –
Actually this is a small moan here – Dear Battlefront you’re doing what you did
with the winter germans and adding in the same rifle guy to go with every
command team – I’m bored of painting him, please in future mix it up with some
of the other sculpts! Anyway back to the models, once you’ve taken away the 5
you need for spotter/command you have 32 gun crew, considering you really only
need 5 a base, that leave you with 12 spare crew! If I’d known I would not have
ordered separate anti tank crews, as you could easily use the spare ones of
these guys and the spares from the Jääkäri to make you anti tank crew.

Having cleaned up the models I attached them to the bases
and surrounded them in filler, another plea to battlefront, please can we have
big and medium bases with the hole pre done as I love them! I thought I’d got
them relatively flush with filler, but in the final review I sucked at this. I
also added an adhesive magnet from these chaps to the base. I did this as
basically the artillery (and anti tank ) change a bit in the war but uniforms
are static. I then applied small magnets to the bases of the guns. To begin
with I’ve gone for 4 76 K/02 and 4 114 H/18 – this is for a mixture of tactical
and availability reasons.

The infantry I painted as I have previous, the guns’s I did
like I did with my Zvezda tanks, my one caveat is be careful with Vallejo liquid
mask as it kept ripping bits of grey paint from the wheels and other fine
detail areas.

Anyway I hope you like the result and thanks for reading

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  1. Excellent work! I've had trouble using Vallejo liquid mask too – found it easy to apply but getting it off is a pain – always seems to pull up the paint layer beneath. Any tips you can share? eg. do you gloss varnish before applying the liquid mask? Cheers Duncan

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