European Houses: Dunkirk House – Overview

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After missing a building last month so they could get more building painted up, Battlefront has released the Dunkirk House this month. As I said on the last review for the Carentan House, I’m not going to do an in depth review as the houses are pretty similar so 12 identical reviews would be a bit pointless! So this will be an overview of the building.

Now I was a little surprised when I got my building this month as it didn’t match the one on the Battlefront site. The closest one it matched was the Antwerp building, in fact the picture on the box matches it perfectly. Below are the two pictures from the Battlefront article on the 12 buildings. As you can see the Dunkirk building is white in the pictures were as my building is grey.

I haven’t seen anything posted up about the building being a different colour and if I’m honest it doesn’t bother me as long as when it comes to the “Antwerp” building I don’t get the same building twice. I guess this may have been done because Battlefront went back and painted up new batches of the first three buildings, so it would be easier to paint up the forth building the same colour. The only real negatives from this is aesthetics when I play as 3 out of 4 building being grey isn’t as nice looking as 3 different coloured buildings, also it’s a bit odd that Battlefront still did a spot light with the white building, but I guess they are done months a head before it was changed (if thats the reason for it) but otherwise no big deal.

So back to the building. It’s pretty much what you expect from the Battlefield in a Box range. It’s well painted, good quality, well made and sold for a pretty good price. I’m a big fan of the Battlefront terrain, in fact almost all my Flames of War terrain is Battlefront terrain.

I’m still really glad I got the sub deal and I’m looking forward to next month when I get the Bastonge Church along with building number 5 and have a small village!

As always thanks for reading Ben.

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  1. Same experience with my Dunkirk house. Oddly you can't buy these individually yet. I'm after two to make a terrace style building like in the last wargames illustrated.

    Glad I'm not the only one suckered into pre-ording the church! It does look fantastic though!

    1. I have also been thinking about getting one or two copies for Terrace housing.

      Yeah I had to get the Church, my resolve was weakened through because I'm doing a winter 101st Airbourne company, plus it's really nice.

    1. I know the feeling of changing focus and ending up with the "wrong" terrain. But with my plans being LW US and finishing off my LW British for next year I will get a lot out of the buildings.

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