European Houses: Carentan House – Overview

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This morning the postman brought me my second European House from the Battlefront subscription deal. I have decided like when I got the first building the Calais House that I’m not going to do a review. My reasoning is I don’t see the point in doing 12 similar reviews of the buildings. Instead I will be doing an overview for this house and the next 10 comparing them to the other houses and pointing out any big problems or improvements over the series of buildings.

So when I first got the building out of the box quite impressed. The grey was a lot more consistent than the Calais building, but on the down side the white is a little patchy in places.

Now to compare it to the Calais House.

I know a lot of people are worried that all the house will end up looking to similar once you have all 12. While I can see why people are worried I do think there is a case for the fact that most builds in a village or small town would look the same or atleast similar. Having said that in my opinion these two house are different enough that it’s not something I’m worried about anymore.

Overal I’m still very happy that I bought the sub deal and I’m looking forward to getting a few more so I have enough for a village for the gaming table.

As always thanks for reading.


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Article by: Mark Goddard