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Hello all,

In the past I have never understood people when they said to me “I can’t do that it’s over Easter and I’m busy”. It seemed strange to me, for me Easter was a few extra days off were you do stuff with your friends and got chocolate. Well that was until my little one came along, it would seem when you have child Easter because less about having fun and more about spending time with family (not that that can’t be fun!). Unfortunately for me I only worked this out after I had planned on spending Easter doing a big chunk of hobby. So I’m now behind on all of my projects with my next planned projects meant to be starting in a few weeks. Time for a re think.

To be fair Easter wasn’t a complete loss for me, I got in a few games with my Irish Guards (more on that in a few days) and I picked up my first few Infinity models (can’t wait to paint them).

So with my original plans ruined I’m now forced to think on my feet and come up with a new one! So some of you may remember my post back in February about trying to have 2.5k of Hungarians done for a big game the 22nd April. Well for some time I knew this was going to have to change as I have been trying to get the Hungarian Artillery box set but my LGS can’t get them in (I think this is a common problem at the moment with supply from Battlefront), so I’m now just going to aim to get 2k done. For this I need to paint up 3 Tigers or 3 Panthers, if I get time I’ll try and get both done. On a similar note I finally got my 3rd box set of PSC Shermans/Fireflies, so as the allies look a bit light on the ground I have offered up my Irish Guards as extra troops. This means I’d like to have the final 4 Shermans painted up for the game too.

So that’s my hobby until the weekend of the 22nd April. After that I will continue the Road to Fearnaught and get my DAK done for the 16th June. I would like to have my Typhoon, Guards Infantry and Heavy Mortars painted up for my Irish Guards, I was also give some crew for my Shermans so I’ll need to get them painted up. Finish off any Panthers and/or Tigers I haven’t got done for my Hungarians and start my Infinity force & terrain. Going on from this I have picked up a few bits of Desert terrain when I was in Bournemouth for my FOW/Infinity Desert board, I’ll be doing a review of the Gale Force Nine terrain in the next few days.

Finally some of you may have seen I have started my own painting service for FOW. This was something I thought long and hard about, but as I have dropped a shift at work to save money on childcare and I’m meant to be getting married this year (wedding aren’t cheap) I thought it was a good way to get extra money in. So I’m looking at doing a few painting commissions over the year, I already have one almost confirmed for some Desert Italians. This will need to be done for Fearnaught so I now have two armies to paint for it…. This might be a long few months!

Anyway until next time Ben

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  1. Holy man! Youve got a busy time ahead of you Ben! I see your going to do up your Typhoon. I used automotive decal trim for the black Invasion stripes and it worked out really well. Paint the White and then wrap the decal on. It comes in rolls of 1/8" which is perfect.
    I dont know how to post pics in a comment so Ill post up a few on my blog for you. Looking forward to seeing those Infinity models!

    1. Hi Zsavk,

      I'd love to see how you did the Invasion strips, I'm not looking forward to painting them! I really can't wait to get on with the infinity models, but I do need to try and be good and wait until I have got on top over the Hingarians and Irish Guards….


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