Building the Bulldog

I’m a gamer and have been for 30+ years.  Historical, Sci-fi, fantasy and all other genres, if it’s a good game (minis, board or PC), I’ll play it.

Having only rediscovered FoW some 8 months ago, having last tried it during the first edition, it is the gameplay that keeps bringing me back to Flames of War.  The system allows me to enjoy my favourite part of gaming – list building on a theme.

For me, this is far more important than keeping up with the ‘meta’, including ‘must have units’, and also quite frankly avoiding posting on social media my list, because everyone is an expert, and everyone likes to highlight where your list will fail.

When I say theme, I don’t actually mean 50th Northumberland or Desert Rats – I mean my list is built around a narrative.  In my most recent game facing the new British list with my German force, it was more a hastily built defence force with whatever they had available (also it’s what I had painted!) and so I kept the Panzers in reserve for them to rush to the aid of the frontline.  In this case, they decided better of it and didn’t bother turning up.  Subsequently, the Churchill steam roller hit the grenadiers with full effect.

Its alright men, the Panzers are coming!

Having recently received a British battle force, and once I’d discovered a pleasantly surprising picking error giving me more Cromwell’s than I should have done,  I decided to make my theme the recce patrol.

Initially, I was looking at just the Cromwell option, but then I realised that for a few points more I can squeeze in the Fireflies.

So far my initial idea is for a small anti-tank unit, getting dug in, somewhat like the Brew Up scenario, with the Cromwell’s being on patrol close by and able to move to the area in support as an attack takes place.

Here Kitty kitty

My list, which will form the core of my British army, comes to 99pts, with the ever valuable Lucky card thrown in for good measure and to make the round 100pts:

For me, I feel that there are plenty of options here.  A decent amount of high AT, plenty of scouting options to expand the deployment zones as required, Para’s will hopefully be decent enough to defend an objective and plenty of maneuverability with the Cromwell’s. And it’s a reasonable core force, using 4 of the 6 available slots in the squadron, hopefully giving them a decent morale level.

Now, as I stated at the start, I’m a gamer, not a history buff, nor someone who will follow the meta as I am the furthest from a competitive gamer you can get.  But I am looking forward to getting this painted and on the tabletop.

Will I get steamrollered? Most likely, but I’ll have a blast doing so.  And as the games go on, I’ll purchase differing options to allow me to field it in a variety of ways.

I was delighted to see the options available on the sprues for making different units. The artillery will for now be 17lbr AT, but I’m keeping the guns free to be interchangeable should it become evident I need more artillery/smoke.  And the Stuarts will be doubling up as the M8s for my ARP.

I’ll be painting the force up over the next few weeks, and will return with in-progress pictures, and hopefully a battle report or 2, most likely against myself during the impending lockdown!


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Article by: Paul Murphy