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Breakthrough Assault 1 Day Event 9th August 2014
So on the 9th of August a group of intrepid players gathered for the 1st Breakthrough Assault 1 Day event (shameless plug the next is October the 11th)
With two new gaming stored opening we all had viewed this as a way to get more people into FoW and Ben liaised with Karl at the new LvlUp Games to host the event – unfortunately the shop was not open in time for the event but another venue was found and we all tracked up the road.

The event was basically GT rules but over 3 games – and with a modified scoring system similar to Corrivalry (scores out of 21 – though I really should have got 22 in my first game!) 16 people attended with experienced players who’d attended the masters at one end ( Mr Spence, Mr Perry et al) to people who were attending their first tournament (Carl and Dave P) – we had a few visitors, Justin and Fez man from Guildford, Matt P and Matt B too. 
The first round was Breakthrough – I promise one day a BA event will not include this mission – the draw for this had been done earlier in the week and e-mailed out so I was aware I would fight Fez-Man and his Jagdtiger list. I achieved a first playing this game – a 7-0, (and obviously led the tournament following this) but it was more due to Ed’s poor dice than my skill. 
Following this was lunch where we all got to sample local delicacies (or the baguette shop – good value and tasty!) before two more games (dust up and no retreat) you could really tell that this was an enjoyable event, there was plenty of chatter, no raised voices, occasional laughter and everyone really having a laugh. I played my old nemesis KP and after almost winning (before Ben reminded me of the rules), I failed a 2+ last man standing test to win the game. I lost 4-3 in a gruelling game of cat and mouse between a tiger and a mortar team.
In game 3 I was overwhelmed by a tide of Nisei led by Justin for another 4-3 loss.
As a small event there were only prizes for one to three – and despite a stewards inquiry our own Ben won the event, followed by Mr Spence and Justin. 
We also had a raffle prize of some new Italian buildings kindly donated by from Neil Stiller from Area 9 – you can see Dave’s review if his other buildings here – thank you Neil!
As mentioned it was a great little event and hopefully the first if many, so if you’re interested here’s the thread for the next one on Oct 11th and we look forward to seeing you there.
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