Beyond The Foxholes – Episode 20

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In Act One we join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam as they chat about what they have been up to recently, Battlefront news with price reductions and digital books and then the guys talk about the resent BA One Day MW tournament.

In Act Two the guys talk about painting tips and then move onto Dave’s Mail Bags.

In Act Three Adam leaves us as, so Winner Dave and Ben talk about some commonly overlooked rules before chatting about a few random projects.

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  1. Good episode as always.

    Dave-for KR Multicases I used to find my tanks fell out sometimes. What I do is cut the extra foam I remove from the pick and pluck sections and cut one of them in half and put it in front of medium tanks so they are held in more securely. This helps to protect the barrel and keeps the hull and tracks snug so they don't move around. I think ideally you want them almost squeezed in so they are held in place in transport.

    Are your infinity models posted anywhere? I'd love to see them.

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Article by: Mark Goddard