Beyond The Foxholes Episode 13

Hello All

Welcome to Beyond The Foxholes Episode 13

We join Ben, Adam and Winner Dave as they talk all things Flames of War

In Act 1 we go through what we have been up too, the nice new Grand Tournament Model and the Italy world wide campaign.

Then in Act 2 we go through the Mail Bag, talk about the next late war book preview in Wargames Illustrated and round out the act with commonly overlooked rules.

Then finally in Act 3 we round out the episode with 10.1 and a look at defensive fire. 

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  1. Interesting point about the AA guys, particularly as I've been using my 2cm FlaK38 Platoon recently, got the rule book out now, cheers.

    Just picked up an Arado 234B 'Blitz' (Diecast 1 1/00 scale) off ebay, looks awesome!, can't wait to give it a go with SS-Westfalen

  2. Good episode. It got me all the way to work and back today. I liked hearing the defensive fire stuff, as it clarified a few of those rules I hadn't read in a while (ex. hull machine guns).

  3. I find a learn a lot when we research the 10.1's on rules I had forgotten, got mixed up or had been just playing wrong.

    Glad you all enjoyed the episode.


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