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Hello All,

I picked up Bag The Hun just before Christmas , I have wanted a WW2 air combat game for a while but I had never found one that jumped up at me. Then I reed about the exploits of 68 Squadron over on the Scrivsland Blog, something about there campaign spoke to me and before I know it I have ordered over 50 1/600 scale Planes, bought the rulebook, the Fine Hour add on and a gaming matt with hexes to play on. But then Christmas come around, I was busy with work and Family and I completely forgot about it until I came across my undercoated Hurricanes on my painting desk.

So as I finished my weekly Hungarians early last week I thought I would have a crack at painting the Hurricanes. The first thing I noticed is painting 1/600 scale is very different from painting 28mm or even 15mm. I have never painted something so small and I tried a few painting techniques (Black Lining and the like) that just didn’t work. So I went for a “keep it simple stupid” approach that seemed to work. I was happy with the results, but I will say the transfers added alot to the model even if they are a nightmare that this scale!

The first Squadron, 12 Hurricanes.

Having enjoyed the first squadron I have 12 Me. 109’s up next so we can start playing some games and learn to play.

I found tacking the models down to paint the under side,
then stick them to the flying stands to finish them off
seems the best way to paint the planes at this scale.

After that I have 12 ME.110’s, 9 He. 111’s and 12 Ju 87’s. I will be picking up a squadron of Spitfires and JU 88’s at some point, but only after a few games.

As for the rules. I haven’t played yet, but the rules seem really really good. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to play it with out the quick reference as there are allot of tables to use to work out firepower, manoeuvre and the like. Having said that the rest of the rules seem really nice and straight forward. I’m quite excited about this game and once me and of my friends have learnt the rules we’ll start a Battle of Britain Campaign using the Finest Hour campaign add on.

Anyway thanks for reading Ben

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  1. I want to say around £90

    The Matt was £35 ish from hotzmats
    The Rules were about £24
    And I spent about £30 from domsdecals.

    I'm hoping money well spent!

    I'm planning on doing the 109's next week after my Hungarian Pioneers

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