Bag The Hun – Me 109’s

Hello All,

I have finally found time to finish off the 12 Me 109’s I started at the beginning of the month.

I was not happy with them until after I put on the decals, they really seemed to add a lot to the overall look and feel of the models.

I’m also not sure if they are 100% historically accurate, but they seem to look at least iconic in style to me.

I’m quite enjoying the change of pace to painting these 1/600th scale models, my only problem is I find the Decals take longer to put on the models than painting them takes!

A Schwarm of Me 109’s bounce Blue Section of the 38th Fighter Squadron

Next up will be the 9 He 111s, then after that either 12 Ju 87s or Me 110s.

But more importantly I can now start playing! I just need to find someone to play with…. it shouldn’t be too hard I have all the models needed to play with….. Any takers?

Thanks for reading Ben

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  1. Bag the hun. just read the other post…Put up something to let us know what they're like. We use Warbirds. Its a WW2 version of Canvas eagles but i dont think its any where near as good. would be interested to know what Bag the hun is like…cheers.

  2. I haven't got around to trying the game yet unfortunately and I don't think I will untill early next year when I move back to Bournemouth.

    But having read the rules I do think it looks really good.

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Article by: Mark Goddard