Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Product Review - SAS Jeeps (BR414)

Hey guys!

Papa Bear here and today I am going to be looking at the new SAS jeeps (BR414), kindly given to us to review by Battlefront.

What's in the Box
So you get 3 of these rather cool looking jeeps along with their SAS crews and all the weapon options you could ever want - Twin MGs, AAMG and 50.cals, these guys are armed to the teeth and rightly so!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Building an EW Polish Army - Armour Part 1 The Train

Hi, so i'm keeping a diary of my progress, partly to keep my momentum up, partly so in a year's time I can come back an see how I did something and partly because that's what blogging's about.




Today I start this year's project, which is my EW Polish army.  Because of the way I paint, I'm most efficient if I combine similar models, so I'm doing all the armour assets together...which includes the train...yay!

Unfortunately my enthusiasm quickly waned, as the train did not want to go together nicely and I'm left with a fair bit of filling to do.  At least its just the loco, the carriages seem fine.

Not a bad day's work though, one train, three armoured cars, three 7TP tanks, and 5 Tankettes.  I own an assortment of rare earth magnets now, which is really handy as you can easily adjust for each turret.  I have some that are thinner and some that are thicker than the standard BF issue sized magnets.  Right now everything is soaking in soapy hot water.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Cohesive Look for an Army.

Hi all

I'm currently on a bit of a mission doing a load of German units - the reason why - got an airbrush, my paintings improved and I hate a 'piecemeal army'. What do I mean by piecemeal - well it's an army without cohesion, because personally that's what makes a collection of models an army to me.
A bit of history - I've always considered myself an average painter - what that means now when I consider that I'm a better painter now than I used to be can be interpreted in many ways. However the point is this, individually I never thought my units were impressive, an entire army of them, in a cohesive display was! So since then my aim was to have an army in which no individual model is amazing, the force in full display together looks impressive.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Road to Nowhere - List Destruction

So I'm back from Art of War, and my French have had their first outing, 3 wins, a mutually lost fair fight, and a loss - no 6-1 loss so happy on that!
It was a learning experience, with only one previous game vs armour, I found defending - especially in a mobile battle tough. The Czech 38t is my nemesis! (On a side note I've ordered two boxes from PSC!) The difficulty with this list against the 38t is that I have units which can hurt them - panhards/lafflys and units which can take a hit from them - hotchkiss, not one which can do both. Combating them was also problematic for the hotchkiss, with the 38t having a longer range - and my one man turret getting to shoot at them effectively was tough.

The other problem was against infantry - with lots of no HE I needed to assault to clear people off objectives, and with lots of HMG's the recce Hotchkiss were not relied upon. 

Thankfully I only faced barbed wire in one mission, but in my practice games it was noticeable how tough that made things for me.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Banzai! - Road to the Art of War Part Four - Tournament AAR and Photo Dump

Hello All

As you have probably seen I have been collecting a Japanese army for the Art of War Early War Tournament (click on the links to see parts onetwo and three). The event was just over a week ago and I thought to round off the series I would post up an AAR of the event.
After a stop over at Alex's place in Northampton (and a few too many beers) we rocked up nice and early at the Sanctuary Gaming Centre. The day started with a bit of a shock as the Scottish team for the ETC (including Adam and Alex from Breakthrough Assault) turned up in full Scottish dress (not what I wanted to see at 8am!).

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Beyond the Foxholes 28 - The Road to Art of War

Hi all

Welcome to Beyond the Foxholes Episode 28, we join Adam, Fez and Ben. 

In act one we join the guys in Adam's car on the way to The Art of War EW tournament. The guys talk about there armies and what they hope to get out of the weekend.

In act two Ben and Adam interview all the .different player who are going to the ETC )European Team Tournament. These include New Zealand, USA, England, Scotland, France, Northern Ireland, Wales and Finland (Check out the achtung painter blog). They also chat to the Tim and Steve who ran the event and Rich the owner of the Sanctuary Gaming Centre

In act three the guys are back in Adam's car with a full AAR of their games, a run down of the event and a few other random bits and pieces.