Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Razvedki Platoon


I've been looking forward to getting on with this platoon for a long time now (since BA2 in February).  However it's been really hard getting my hands on all the constituent parts.  In fact I'm still missing a blister pack of Mounted Razvedki Crew, but I'm fed up of waiting.

Monday, 21 July 2014

The Definition of Madness (US Armoured Rifles Painting Challenge)

Hello All

From the title you may have guessed I'm doing another painting challenge. As I start typing this it's the morning on the 30th June and I'm planning on painting an Armoured Rifle Company for Devizes Attack 2014 on the 19th/20th July. As I have no painted models for the army yet that's 19 days to paint 1750pts of Mid War US! I do have two weeks off during the 19 days so I do hopefully have the spare time to be able to hopefully do it, but just to add a little extra pain to the whole thing I'm also painting up a few extra bits so I can do the army for Late War and as a standard infantry company.
Now you may ask why I would want to do this mad challenge, well that's not an easy answer. I have always wanted to do US Armoured Rifles as I love the platoons being so big and being almost a complete combined arms force in themselves. Add to that I have come to the painful conclusion that I'm an infantry player and not a tank commander, I felt I needed a new army. The final reason was I wanted a reason to use the new plastic Armoured Rifles as they looked great on the Battlefront Website (the guy how painted them shuld have his hands cut off).

Friday, 18 July 2014

German Reinforcements for Late Late War

Hi everyone i'm back with a few more models to display.

One of the nice thing with the last couple of Late war books - Desperate measures and Remagen, is that there are some really cool toys now available to the germans - conversely they also cost a lot in points terms, but to me they are just awesome models with great rules!
When Desperate Measures came out initially I really wanted to do a force for it, even if it was only slightly sprucing up my Panzers - the problem was I had a mountain of painting and really didn't want to get any more to add to it. Thankfully along came my birthday and my good buddy Alex said he's get me the model I think is the pinnacle of AA in FoW - the Ostwind - the only problem was it took me about two months to get the buggers!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Finnish AT and AA guns

Hi all another Finnish update this time it's guns! 
Finn's have vast numbers if different options throughout the war, so I've again magnetized the bases (not the AA as of two options the bases were too different). The nice part is that the guns are able to look battle worn too - and I've tried to again go for that look with lots of tri colour camo peeking through.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Thoughts On Edge Highlighting and an Elefant

When I started painting, it was because I wanted to master smooth transitional blending, I thought it looked cool.  I wasn't really into edge/extreme highlighting and the few times I did try it, it looked awkward and not like how the big boys do it.  Then FOW entered my life and edge highlighting wasn't even on my radar any more...I mean if Reuben doesn't do it...then I don't need to...right?  That was until I saw this...this is by a chap who goes by the handle of stalkerminsky on
That got me thinking about edge highlighting, I mean that is one cool looking tank right?  As I wasn't starting anything new any time soon though I've delayed it.  That's when the Italy books came out.  One of the things that struck me, was that the painting of the minis seemed different...might just be me, but have battlefront got new painters?  The thing that struck me was the prolific use of edge highlighting.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Review - Anarchy Models stencils (and some Jagdtigers)

Hi All Coxer here,

I thought I'd bring you a review of some stencils we were sent here at Breakthrough Assault.
They're from and if you check their website they have some helpful videos to talk you through their use. Now They are designed to work with an airbrush, but I think with a bit of care they'd work with hand paints too as well. We were sent two sets of stencils, one of camo stripes one of German crosses, I thought I needed a big canvass to work on, thankfully I have 4 Jagdtigers lying around.