Thursday, 30 October 2014

Fez's First Frothing Foray on BTA - BTA Mid War One Dayer AAR

Hello all!
Fez-man here, excited to join the Breakthrough Assault team. I've been playing Flames of War tournaments for just over a year, but have been a hobbyist for many more, working for Games Workshop for a few years, and I'm also Chairman of the Guildford Games Club.

For my first post, I'll be looking at the recent Breakthrough Assault One Dayer - Mid War, that I attended with my British Infantry Tank Company.

First, a quick look at the Venue, LvlUp Gaming in Bournemouth.
Not the largest selection, but at least its a start!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

KV-1e (SU082) & KV-2 (SU081) Re-sculpts Review

Hello All

As part of the Early War Sale I ordered six KV-1e's (SU082) and two KV-2's (SU081) for my Mid War Soviets (well they could be used in Early War but those nine tanks would be something like 4,000 points by themselves!). I was quite surprised that when I received my KV's they were the new re-sculpted version!
I didn't know what to expect from the re-sculpts, I figured it would just be adding some new tools or something and maybe refining a few details of the model. Man I was wrong!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

New Beginnings and Every Wargamers Dream!

Hey all! Matt here and this is my first post for Breakthrough Assault. Yay!

In fact, I've just had an entire week of 'first times' come to think of it; My one year old daughter has just taken her first few steps and popped her first baby teeth, I was best man at my mates wedding, had hot and sour soup from the Chinese takeaway for the first time last night... oh yes and I've just bought a house (and got permission to build a 'Man Cave') Boom!
So given these hectic times I don't have too much to talk about armies/ painting wise, so let's talk about THE Man Cave! 

Monday, 27 October 2014

New Additions to the Team

Hi All

We at Breakthrough Assault are expanding and we'd like to introduce you all to our newest team members. In no particular order we have:-

Matt "Papa Bear" Pullen -

After becoming a proud stay at home Dad in late 2013 Matt has been able to devote a lot more time into the hobby. Needless to say he doesn't miss those wretched night shifts and is now only half as grumpy as he used to be (which is actually still pretty grumpy compared to most standards)!

Favourite Army: Panzergrenadiers/ German Armoured Reconnaissance (Aufklaungs)

Best Wargaming Moment: Defeating Marc at Art of War and then the huge debate on the way home after as to what holds more 'prestige' - me winning our head to head game, or him finishing higher in the rankings!

Worst blunder: Not listening to any advice regarding tigers and panthers (both in the same list) being too expensive for tournament play. I certainly learnt that the hard way!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Sally 4th Flames of War Storage Boxes - Review

Hello All

A few weeks ago I came across the Sally 4th laser-cut Flames of War Storage boxes and as I needed more storage before my wife killed me I thought it would be a great idea to order some and see what they looked like.
So the four boxes I ordered turned up in a pretty short time, let's have a look inside.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Beyond The Foxholes - Episode 20

Hello All

In Act One we join Ben, Winner Dave and Adam as they chat about what they have been up to recently, Battlefront news with price reductions and digital books and then the guys talk about the resent BA One Day MW tournament.

In Act Two the guys talk about painting tips and then move onto Dave's Mail Bags.

In Act Three Adam leaves us as, so Winner Dave and Ben talk about some commonly overlooked rules before chatting about a few random projects.